Press Kit


Anime is currently being streamed world-wide over an ever-changing catalog of services. However, even though most shows come out on a consistent schedule, most if not all of those services don't share that schedule, so you never quite know when, or if, a new episode of your favorite show just dropped. This is made especially hard for the seasoned anime fan keeping up with a dozen of their favorite shows in a season, when there are more than 50 being streamed at once.

Jiiiii solves this need and more. Initially conceived for the Apple TV, Jiiiii displays a hand curated schedule of all the anime coming out this season, and allows you to quickly launch the app or service that has the shows you care about. You no longer need to remember where or when your favorite shows are available, Jiiiii has got your back.

That's where the name comes in. "Jiiiii" 「じ〜」 is the Japanese onomatopoeia for the sound of staring or being stared at, and is a running joke in a number of shows many anime fans will be familiar with. What better name for an app dedicated to staring at a schedule waiting for your favorite show to drop. The app's persona is affectionally named Jiiiii-chan.

Jiiiii is available for all Apple platforms where you can watch anime, including Apple TV, Apple Vision Pro, iPhone, iPad and Mac.


Jiiiii is likely one of the very first non-educational apps that has been built from day one completely in the open. Almost every session has been streamed live while its developer Dimitri was watching their then baby get through the night, and was shared in hope of demystifying the process of app development, answering questions live to any who had them. The whole process took 197 days, and continues daily.

As development ramped up, Jiiiii's other developer Linh helped bolster the catalog of shows and worked on designing and implementing the website. Today Dimitri and Linh work on the app together as a married couple sharing their love of anime to the world.

If you have any questions or would like to reach out to feature Jiiiii, please don't hesitate to contact us!